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What people say

"ChoiceKids is our home away from home. I’m super confident that my children will be more than school ready"

"ChoiceKids has been a blessing for my daughter. She began very shy, low self esteem & quiet. She now has a new loving family at ChoiceKids."

“ChoiceKids is very welcoming & all the staff are so friendly. I’m proud of how much Penial has learnt and that he’s school ready already”

"ChoiceKids is a fun environment, they provide new and exciting things often and nourish the children. Such a great place!"

"The staff at ChoiceKids are amazing and my children love it there. Everyday my girls ask ‘Mum can we go to school’. Shows how much they enjoy ChoiceKids"

“ChoiceKids ROCKS! I suggest ChoiceKids to all those I know. ChoiceKids genuinely care for the wellbeing of our kids & their families - our children are not just another number.”

"I absolutely love ChoiceKids especially WOW week that happens every last week of the month with so much fun for the children, dress ups & learning about the different cultures"

"ChoiceKids has been the best choice I have made for my twin daughters. It’s a 2nd home for our family and everyday we are greeted with friendly warm welcomes, big smiles, jokes and the wonderful baking goodies"

"I love everything about ChoiceKids, from the convenient location, the helpful staff, the friendly welcome I get when dropping my child off right through to the free food and the appreciation ChoiceKids shows towards our culture"